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Very promising!

The free trial has so far been promising. From the looks of it, one may compare it’s capabilities with some of the other powerhouses like Jungle Scout, H10, and Viral Launch. The UI is much more friendly and stable, imo. The affordable cost is a bonus. Definitely sold on switching to Pro given it’s amazing value so far!

This is a game changer with all the…

This is a game changer with all the information AMZScout gives at the push of a button


Hi AMZScout
Your Extention is perfect
I use it on trial version
Now i would like to buy it


Find Winning Products to Sell on Amazon

Easily search for profitable products and new trending items that will generate a profit for your business.

Validate Your Product Ideas

Analyze the level of demand and competition in the market to ensure you select the most profitable products.

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Get reports on sales per month, reviews, cost, and more to determine what’s selling and what’s not.

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AMZScout PRO Extension is a part of Amazon Seller's Bundle — the best solution for building a sustainable $10,000/mo income on Amazon!

PRO Extension

$ 44.99 /month

7 days money back guarantee

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AMZScout Seller's Course

Full and actionable knowledge on how to start selling profitable products in less than 3 months

PRO Extension

Verify niche and product ideas, see trends, find unsaturated opportunities, get sourcing options, improve your listing quality

Exclusive Amazon Insights

Get the best niches out of 50,000 and highest potential product out of 100,000 products monthly!

annual subscription only

WebApp Product Database & Product Tracker

Generate profitable ideas, check performance with daily product tracking

Keyword Tracker

Get all the keywords to sell your product. Monitor rankings to run PPC with high output keywords

Quick View

See a product's sales data as if you were the seller instantly

PRO Extension

$ 44.99 /month

7 days money back guarantee

Amazon Seller's Bundle

$ 49.87 /month


Save $123

7 days money back guarantee

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I used other tools before I switched to AMZScout. I really like it, especially the keyword trackers and product trackers that give me a good reference.


Honestly, it is like you are trying to find the exit in the dark, and suddenly get a flashlight. With AMZScout, quality and productivity go hand in hand. I use it mostly for looking up products and of course to track competitors.